When I started getting healthy I was nearly 250 pounds and the thought of physical activity sounded like cruel and unusual punishment but what I learned was that I could eat more the more “activity” I had. So rather than joining a gym and killing myself doing some crazy strenuous workout, I started small. I figured that ANY activity at all was better than no activity so I made a small change. We all have heard the term “couch potato” and I’m sure there’s plenty statistics out there that show that people who watch a lot of television probably aren’t in the best of shape. So what did I do about it? I certainly didn’t GIVE UP watching movies and television. I, instead, decided to use that time more wisely and instead of vegging on the couch while I watched movies and TV I got my butt UP OFF the couch and started walking in place. That’s it! That’s the only activity I added when I first changed my lifestyle and started getting more healthy. Beyond walking I eventually worked my way up to other methods of getting exercise OTHER than joining a gym (which I never have done).

Here on this page I will be sharing my workout favorites and what works for me. One thing about me is that I grow tired of routine. If I get bored I’ll stop all together and go back to being lazy. So the key for me is to have A LOT of options! In addition to the stuff below I love to go for walks and to hike nature trails so I incorporate both of those whenever I can!

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