One Week Down – 21 Day Fix Review

I wanted to post this at the start of this week but this week has turned out to be quite the busy one! I’m not going to re-take my measurements or photos until the end of my first round of the Fix, but since I started my weight loss journey I’ve been in the habit of “weighing in” every Monday morning. After the first week, I’m already DOWN 2 pounds! Most importantly, however, I feel more energized, I feel stronger and I am definitely already seeing a difference in my arms, shoulders and even my abs! This week I did have a “cheat meal” but I set aside two yellows, 1 red and 1 blue box to allow for my meal and I’ve also decided to add in the 10 Minute Ab Fix every day this week (except I didn’t do it on Monday because I decided to do it yesterday).

Create Your Own FutureMy abs are probably my biggest trouble spot. For people who have generally been somewhat thin all their lives or at least never in that overweight or obese range, they maybe just want to tone their tummies or flatten them. If I had been around this weight range for all my life I’m sure I’d be seeing a lot more ab definition after just one week, but I’m still undoing years of damage that I subjected to my body. My tummy is absolutely the most stubborn part of my body. Toning my legs has been easy. Ever since I was a toddler I had strong legs. Speaking of which, today was LEG DAY, my favorite probably because it’s my strength! This is definitely NOT true for my abdominal area. It’s my weakest muscle group and the hardest, most torturous part of any workout is any ab/core work. Point is, I’m not getting discouraged about it. As with many things, it just requires time and perseverance! That’s why I decided to challenge myself by adding in that extra 10 minutes of straight ab work every day. And let me tell you, it’s KILLER. Those 10 minutes FEEL like 30 minutes but it WILL get easier and I WILL see progress!

As for the eating plan, I’m still going strong on that. It’s gotten a little easier now that I know how it works and I’ve got an idea of the size portions should be. I don’t know if I’ll 100% stick to the eating plan following the 21 Day Fix, but I certainly plan to at least use the premise and portion my food according to the boxes because I love how healthy I feel eating more balanced meals every single day!

On Soreness: I was wondering how sore I’d be this week in comparison to last week. Personally, I LOVE when I wake up sore the day after a workout because it makes me feel like I’m making progress and getting stronger so if I don’t wake up at least feeling a LITTLE sore in some area, it makes me feel like I need to change it up. Happy to report that I’m STILL waking up a little sore but not QUITE as sore as last week. I’m going to try and push harder every single time and challenge myself so that I can keep that sore feeling going! And by the way, it’s not a “I can’t move. I’m dying.” soreness. It’s a manageable soreness!

Eating By Color – Thoughts After Fix Day 1

Yesterday I started the 21 Day Fix program. I figured I’d wait until I was able to post about how I felt upon rising the following day to share my first impressions. Yesterday morning I woke up and immediately got ready to try out the first workout: Total Body Cardio Fix. The exercises themselves were pretty basic and I liked that the people doing the workout in the video were at all different fitness levels and still giving it their all. Really made me believe that anyone can do this program! Basic exercise or not, it definitely does the trick! I definitely worked up a sweat in those 30 minutes and my abs were feeling it for a few hours after and again this morning when I woke up along with my legs and inner thighs especially! It’s that good “I am changing for the better!” kind of sore!

21 Day Eating PlanMy first meal of the day was a Chocolate Shakeology Shake with 1/2 of a banana. On the 21 Day Fix Plan you eat by COLORS, so this meant I had used up 1 Red and 1 Purple Container for the day. Shakes are pretty easy and don’t require much planning in advance so it wasn’t until my next meal came around that I started to feel a little overwhelmed. It’s definitely a lot harder to eat this way than I originally thought but only because you have to plan it out and you’re also cutting back on things you probably normally eat more of and eating more of the things you don’t eat much of.

For me, I LOVE veggies and feel like I already eat quite a lot of veggies, but let me tell you… filling that green box 3 times each day. I apparently have NOT been eating enough veggies! Same goes for protein. Filling 4 of those red boxes? I realized I probably should have gone grocery shopping this weekend in preparation. My fridge is lacking in the vegetable and protein department! So I’ll be stocking up on the veggies, yogurt and cottage cheese this weekend!

Breann's 21 Day Fix ResultsThe other container challenge for me? The Yellow container! I typically eat a sandwich for lunch. If you eat a whole sandwich using TWO slices of bread, your yellow is DONE for the day. Gotta use those yellow containers wisely! If you like your carbs like I do, you better pick and choose! That container fills up quick!

All in all, I like the challenge of this eating plan. My eating habits aren’t terrible but they have been better and this is forcing me to eat more balance while also encouraging me to eat the best things to help fuel my body and give me the best possible results (hopefully).

I’ve been reading a lot about the kind of success people are having after 21 Days on this plan and it’s really keeping me motivated! I mean look at the results that Breann got after her first round! I heard last night about a girl who lost 9 Pounds and 3 Inches but most importantly felt more confident, tight and toned after and said it changed her life! I’ve seen a lot of other very inspiring before and after pictures too so I really hope I’ll have a similar story to share at the end of these 21 days!

One thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t too many Container Recipes out there. I’m going to try and come up with some using other healthy recipes I like. We’ll see how it goes! I’m going to have to start hoarding recipes for this! Especially if after 21 Days I have created a habit of eating by color! As they say, it takes 21 Days to form a new habit. Let’s see if I can get rid of those bad habits that worked their way back in my healthy lifestyle and trade them in for something new!