The Scale is Irrelevant – 21 Day Fix Results

I officially completed one round of the 21 Day Fix! I heard a lot from others about their experience being life-changing and I see what they mean. Aside from my results (I’ll get to that in a bit) what I found to be most life-changing was the Eating Plan. I thought I was already pretty savvy when it came to eating the right things and I still think that’s true, but this program taught me that sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are eating healthy… what is most important is the proper BALANCE. I liked vegetables. I thought I was eating enough, but when I dumped out that first green container onto a plate and saw how much vegetables that was, I realized I was NOT eating enough vegetables. I also found that in limiting my carb intake a little more and not eating sweets (always my downfall) I didn’t even crave them at ALL after about half-way through the first week. The minute I strayed off plan and ate a little unhealthy for Easter, the craving RETURNED.

I wanted to give the program the entire effort. I wanted to stick to the Eating Plan 100%, do the Double Workout Option on the last week and finish strong with the 3 Day Fix diet on the last three days. Unfortunately, I was unable to follow it perfectly. I knew there was no way I’d be able to do the 3 Day Fix Diet when I was going to spend 2 of those 3 days mostly at Church all day and I knew that also meant I was probably going to have to eat off the normal plan a bit too. But beyond that, I DID do the workouts EVERY DAY and I managed to do the entire last week of Double Workouts, too!

With that said, my results were STILL pretty remarkable. The scale really didn’t move all that much through the program but DAYS in I was already seeing physical changes in myself and it was further motivating me to stick with it! So here are my results after ONE round of the 21 Day Fix!

21 Day Fix Results 21 Day Fix Results 21 Day Fix Results 21 Day Fix Results

  • Weight: -4 Pounds
  • Chest Inches: -1″
  • Arms: -1″
  • Waist: -2″
  • Hips: -2.5″
  • Thighs: -2″
  • bodyprogressSo even though some people lose up to 15 pounds with this program, I’m THRILLED with the results I achieved. I’ve definitely gotten to a point in my weight-loss journey where the scale means nothing. When I originally started I just wanted to be 150. I hit 150 and I still felt like there was work to be done. Right now it’s a lot less about the number on the scale and more about the inches and just the overall toning, shaping and getting more fit! So this program DEFINITELY helped me towards that goal. I’m actually not even currently at my lowest weight (I was 138 at my lowest) but I definitely think the pictures show better shape than when I was at my lowest. I weighed in at 140 just before I took the photos above!

    Face Before/AfterAnd can I just take a moment to celebrate how far I’ve come in the last four years with a few Before & Afters? I’ll get these added up to the About page as well! Remember: Anything’s possible and you are far more capable of achieving things than you think. You might think this could NEVER be you but I promise you it CAN be. Once upon a time I had accepted that “overweight” and “obese” was just who I was supposed to be. You will never ever regret this journey.. no matter HOW long it takes you. It’s worth every small victory, ever small gain along the way and EVERY SINGLE loss. What you will gain in return is far greater than you can imagine!

    I’m hoping to take some new “after” photos soon. Maybe something a little more professional as a gift to myself but I have never been more comfortable in my own skin. Is there still change I’d like to see? Of course! However, I’m thankful and proud of how far I’ve come!