So you had ONE bad week…

A Little Chocolate Doesn't HurtI restarted the 21 Day Fix plan last week after straying from the plan for the last three days of my first round, but I guess I needed a week off first.

I half-way followed the plan last week but I also ate a lot of Easter chocolate, A LOT of nuts without paying attention to how many, a small slice of birthday icecream with cake, a frosty waffle cone, half of a donut, cookies, a mcdonald’s biscuit and lots of other snacks that definitely don’t count towards containers. To summarize… A LOT OF FREAKIN’ CARBS! I still followed the workouts everyday, though, except I forgot to do Yoga yesterday (WHAT? THAT’S THE BEST ONE!). GOOD NEWS? At least I didn’t gain any weight. BAD NEWS? You can’t out exercise a bad diet. So it was pretty much like walking in place for a week and not moving forward at all so I feel like I need to RE-RESTART this week. So I’m going back to following the plan to a T this week. And will be finishing up a week late.

Keep Food Out of Sight Out of MindAnyway, the point of sharing all this is to encourage all of you out there. So you had ONE bad day, ONE bad week, ONE bad month… etc. don’t let that ruin your motivation. It’s easier to get right back on the horse NOW than to give up completely and have to start ALL over again. You’re allowed to stray from your plan from time to time. Enjoy some unhealthy food, treat yourself to something good but don’t beat yourself up about it afterwards! You might come to find that straying just a little bit doesn’t even have the same effect that it used to and start to miss how you felt when you ate healthier. I know for me the minute I give in to the “bad” carbs I start craving them like crazy all over again but afterwards I feel so bloated and drowsy. It’s usually not worth it… however CHOCOLATE = Always worth it. Even if now my face is currently erupting like volcanoes because of all the Easter chocolate I consumed. Oops!

So here’s to a NEW week and a FRESH start and here’s the food for thought I will leave you with today: A NEW start is always right around the corner. Don’t throw in the towel because of ONE bad day/week/month/year! You can overcome that obstacle, that plateau, that temptation, that reluctance.. whatever it is that holds YOU back!