The Scale is Irrelevant – 21 Day Fix Results

I officially completed one round of the 21 Day Fix! I heard a lot from others about their experience being life-changing and I see what they mean. Aside from my results (I’ll get to that in a bit) what I found to be most life-changing was the Eating Plan. I thought I was already pretty savvy when it came to eating the right things and I still think that’s true, but this program taught me that sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are eating healthy… what is most important is the proper BALANCE. I liked vegetables. I thought I was eating enough, but when I dumped out that first green container onto a plate and saw how much vegetables that was, I realized I was NOT eating enough vegetables. I also found that in limiting my carb intake a little more and not eating sweets (always my downfall) I didn’t even crave them at ALL after about half-way through the first week. The minute I strayed off plan and ate a little unhealthy for Easter, the craving RETURNED.

I wanted to give the program the entire effort. I wanted to stick to the Eating Plan 100%, do the Double Workout Option on the last week and finish strong with the 3 Day Fix diet on the last three days. Unfortunately, I was unable to follow it perfectly. I knew there was no way I’d be able to do the 3 Day Fix Diet when I was going to spend 2 of those 3 days mostly at Church all day and I knew that also meant I was probably going to have to eat off the normal plan a bit too. But beyond that, I DID do the workouts EVERY DAY and I managed to do the entire last week of Double Workouts, too!

With that said, my results were STILL pretty remarkable. The scale really didn’t move all that much through the program but DAYS in I was already seeing physical changes in myself and it was further motivating me to stick with it! So here are my results after ONE round of the 21 Day Fix!

21 Day Fix Results 21 Day Fix Results 21 Day Fix Results 21 Day Fix Results

  • Weight: -4 Pounds
  • Chest Inches: -1″
  • Arms: -1″
  • Waist: -2″
  • Hips: -2.5″
  • Thighs: -2″
  • bodyprogressSo even though some people lose up to 15 pounds with this program, I’m THRILLED with the results I achieved. I’ve definitely gotten to a point in my weight-loss journey where the scale means nothing. When I originally started I just wanted to be 150. I hit 150 and I still felt like there was work to be done. Right now it’s a lot less about the number on the scale and more about the inches and just the overall toning, shaping and getting more fit! So this program DEFINITELY helped me towards that goal. I’m actually not even currently at my lowest weight (I was 138 at my lowest) but I definitely think the pictures show better shape than when I was at my lowest. I weighed in at 140 just before I took the photos above!

    Face Before/AfterAnd can I just take a moment to celebrate how far I’ve come in the last four years with a few Before & Afters? I’ll get these added up to the About page as well! Remember: Anything’s possible and you are far more capable of achieving things than you think. You might think this could NEVER be you but I promise you it CAN be. Once upon a time I had accepted that “overweight” and “obese” was just who I was supposed to be. You will never ever regret this journey.. no matter HOW long it takes you. It’s worth every small victory, ever small gain along the way and EVERY SINGLE loss. What you will gain in return is far greater than you can imagine!

    I’m hoping to take some new “after” photos soon. Maybe something a little more professional as a gift to myself but I have never been more comfortable in my own skin. Is there still change I’d like to see? Of course! However, I’m thankful and proud of how far I’ve come!

    One Week Down – 21 Day Fix Review

    I wanted to post this at the start of this week but this week has turned out to be quite the busy one! I’m not going to re-take my measurements or photos until the end of my first round of the Fix, but since I started my weight loss journey I’ve been in the habit of “weighing in” every Monday morning. After the first week, I’m already DOWN 2 pounds! Most importantly, however, I feel more energized, I feel stronger and I am definitely already seeing a difference in my arms, shoulders and even my abs! This week I did have a “cheat meal” but I set aside two yellows, 1 red and 1 blue box to allow for my meal and I’ve also decided to add in the 10 Minute Ab Fix every day this week (except I didn’t do it on Monday because I decided to do it yesterday).

    Create Your Own FutureMy abs are probably my biggest trouble spot. For people who have generally been somewhat thin all their lives or at least never in that overweight or obese range, they maybe just want to tone their tummies or flatten them. If I had been around this weight range for all my life I’m sure I’d be seeing a lot more ab definition after just one week, but I’m still undoing years of damage that I subjected to my body. My tummy is absolutely the most stubborn part of my body. Toning my legs has been easy. Ever since I was a toddler I had strong legs. Speaking of which, today was LEG DAY, my favorite probably because it’s my strength! This is definitely NOT true for my abdominal area. It’s my weakest muscle group and the hardest, most torturous part of any workout is any ab/core work. Point is, I’m not getting discouraged about it. As with many things, it just requires time and perseverance! That’s why I decided to challenge myself by adding in that extra 10 minutes of straight ab work every day. And let me tell you, it’s KILLER. Those 10 minutes FEEL like 30 minutes but it WILL get easier and I WILL see progress!

    As for the eating plan, I’m still going strong on that. It’s gotten a little easier now that I know how it works and I’ve got an idea of the size portions should be. I don’t know if I’ll 100% stick to the eating plan following the 21 Day Fix, but I certainly plan to at least use the premise and portion my food according to the boxes because I love how healthy I feel eating more balanced meals every single day!

    On Soreness: I was wondering how sore I’d be this week in comparison to last week. Personally, I LOVE when I wake up sore the day after a workout because it makes me feel like I’m making progress and getting stronger so if I don’t wake up at least feeling a LITTLE sore in some area, it makes me feel like I need to change it up. Happy to report that I’m STILL waking up a little sore but not QUITE as sore as last week. I’m going to try and push harder every single time and challenge myself so that I can keep that sore feeling going! And by the way, it’s not a “I can’t move. I’m dying.” soreness. It’s a manageable soreness!

    Recipe: Pan Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts (21 Day Fix Friendly)

    I made these delicious Brussels Sprouts with dinner last night as my final green container for the day and they turned out so good I just had to snap a photo and post it on Instagram! Who knew Brussels Sprouts were so desirable? I got quite the response as well as a couple people asking me for the recipe. Truth is I used this recipe as a basis and then changed it up to make what I specifically wanted! I thought I’d share here in case others were interested!

    Pan Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts


  • 4 Green Containers (About 4 Cups) Brussel Sprouts, Halved
  • 2 tsp Coconut Oil
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic, Minced
  • 1/2 tsp Garlic & Herb Seasoning Mix
  • Sea Salt, as desired
  • 1 cup Water (OPTIONAL)
  • Directions:

  • Melt coconut oil in large pan over Medium High heat
  • Add Minced Garlic and Saute for about a minute
  • Add Brussel Sprouts and Seasoning Mix & Salt and cook until the sprouts start to brown about 12 minutes!
  • Note: You can keep cooking them this way, but if you like them soft (like me) continue as follows:

  • Add Water, Increase heat to High and cover, stirring occasionally.
  • When desired tenderness is reached, lower heat and allow the rest of the water to cook out.
  • Recipe yields 4 Servings or Four 21 Day Fix Green Containers (and 1/2 tsp per serving).

    I also shared this recipe on Facebook. If you haven’t already, please “Like” my facebook page for more recipes, inspiration and tidbits throughout the week from my health/fitness journey! Please let me know if you tried out this recipe and share what you thought about it!

    Week One Woes & Wonders – 21 Day Fix

    I’m two days away from closing out my first week on the 21 Day Fix program. The first few days were definitely more challenging than I thought they would be. As someone who already eats pretty healthy I thought it would be a minor adjustment to my already established lifestyle. Boy was I wrong! It’s closer to starting from scratch!! However, after eating according to the plan for the last four days and following the daily workouts, I already feel stronger and more energized! It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you truly fuel your body with ONLY good things.

    Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries

    Lemon Poppyseed MuffinsI had it in my mind that I was going to stick to this plan for the full 21 days and I wouldn’t allow myself to cheat even a single BITE, but boy there have been no shortage of temptations already! So far temptation has revealed itself in the form of Lemon Poppyseed Muffins and Chickfila Waffle Fries. I was in charge of bringing snack to my Community Group so I brought Blueberry and Lemon Poppyseed Mini Muffins (my favorite!) and a veggie tray. Somehow I mustered up enough willpower to only eat plain veggies! But the leftover Lemon Poppyseed Muffins have been dancing in front of me the last couple days and I’ve still managed to resist them.

    However, with the Chickfila waffle fries I wasn’t as strong. Here at work in order to go to the restroom we have to walk through the kitchen where people leave food and snacks. A lot of the times my sister won’t finish her lunch so she’ll leave it out for people to grab in the kitchen. Those fries taunted me all day and finally I said.. “I’ll have JUST ONE!” but upon putting that cold and soft waffle fry in my mouth I said.. “This isn’t even WORTH it.” So I immediately spit it out and danced a little victory dance! Talk about empowering!! I remember when I first started my healthy lifestyle I somehow had some kind of super human willpower. I resisted everything and it got to the point where I didn’t even crave those things anymore and when I did eat unhealthy, it actually made me feel sick. That was one of the reasons I was really excited to try out this program. I needed something to ‘reset’ my eating habits again and something that would keep me from grabbing a handful of snacks here and there. It was to the point where I would say “Oh this won’t add up to much calories.” and then by the end of the day I ate well over my calorie intake! So it’s nice to have these colorful little ENFORCER portion containers and I’m starting to think of all my food in terms of color now too. Pretty silly!

    I only have a couple more workouts to try out plus the extra Plyo Fix & 10 Minute Ab workouts the standard program came with but so far I’m really enjoying the workouts, too! They are all 30 minutes long and it doesn’t feel tedious. I’ve tried some shorter workouts previously that felt like an HOUR because they were boring and tedious. Maybe it’s just that this program is fresh and new but so far I’m really enjoying the variety every single day of the week. That is a good thing for someone like me who loses interest PRETTY quick when things get repetitive! Plus, I love that I am still waking up a little sore every morning! Can’t wait to see how I fair next week in comparison!

    Feel free to leave me a note, question or share what some of YOUR biggest food temptations and workout woes are!

    Eating By Color – Thoughts After Fix Day 1

    Yesterday I started the 21 Day Fix program. I figured I’d wait until I was able to post about how I felt upon rising the following day to share my first impressions. Yesterday morning I woke up and immediately got ready to try out the first workout: Total Body Cardio Fix. The exercises themselves were pretty basic and I liked that the people doing the workout in the video were at all different fitness levels and still giving it their all. Really made me believe that anyone can do this program! Basic exercise or not, it definitely does the trick! I definitely worked up a sweat in those 30 minutes and my abs were feeling it for a few hours after and again this morning when I woke up along with my legs and inner thighs especially! It’s that good “I am changing for the better!” kind of sore!

    21 Day Eating PlanMy first meal of the day was a Chocolate Shakeology Shake with 1/2 of a banana. On the 21 Day Fix Plan you eat by COLORS, so this meant I had used up 1 Red and 1 Purple Container for the day. Shakes are pretty easy and don’t require much planning in advance so it wasn’t until my next meal came around that I started to feel a little overwhelmed. It’s definitely a lot harder to eat this way than I originally thought but only because you have to plan it out and you’re also cutting back on things you probably normally eat more of and eating more of the things you don’t eat much of.

    For me, I LOVE veggies and feel like I already eat quite a lot of veggies, but let me tell you… filling that green box 3 times each day. I apparently have NOT been eating enough veggies! Same goes for protein. Filling 4 of those red boxes? I realized I probably should have gone grocery shopping this weekend in preparation. My fridge is lacking in the vegetable and protein department! So I’ll be stocking up on the veggies, yogurt and cottage cheese this weekend!

    Breann's 21 Day Fix ResultsThe other container challenge for me? The Yellow container! I typically eat a sandwich for lunch. If you eat a whole sandwich using TWO slices of bread, your yellow is DONE for the day. Gotta use those yellow containers wisely! If you like your carbs like I do, you better pick and choose! That container fills up quick!

    All in all, I like the challenge of this eating plan. My eating habits aren’t terrible but they have been better and this is forcing me to eat more balance while also encouraging me to eat the best things to help fuel my body and give me the best possible results (hopefully).

    I’ve been reading a lot about the kind of success people are having after 21 Days on this plan and it’s really keeping me motivated! I mean look at the results that Breann got after her first round! I heard last night about a girl who lost 9 Pounds and 3 Inches but most importantly felt more confident, tight and toned after and said it changed her life! I’ve seen a lot of other very inspiring before and after pictures too so I really hope I’ll have a similar story to share at the end of these 21 days!

    One thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t too many Container Recipes out there. I’m going to try and come up with some using other healthy recipes I like. We’ll see how it goes! I’m going to have to start hoarding recipes for this! Especially if after 21 Days I have created a habit of eating by color! As they say, it takes 21 Days to form a new habit. Let’s see if I can get rid of those bad habits that worked their way back in my healthy lifestyle and trade them in for something new!

    New Project, New Challenge

    In a few short days on April 12th, it will have been officially 4 years since I originally made the decision to change my lifestyle and start getting healthy. Since that day, I have lost over 100 pounds. A feat that seems impossible when I think about it. It obviously didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t always easy but it has been worth it every step of the way. I originally wanted to get healthy, be more comfortable in my own skin and maybe wear some cute clothes eventually. In the end, what I gained was far more rewarding:

    I became the inspiration that once inspired me.

    When I first started it was something I was pretty private about. I’m a self-motivated person so I decided I would do it on my own and only told a few people. It wasn’t really until I started having success with it and people started noticing that I started to be more public about it. It went from something I was maybe a little ashamed of to something I would shout from the rooftops. Now I have people coming up to me, some I don’t even know, asking me what my “secret” is and when people tell me that I’m their inspiration, there is NO greater compliment in the world!

    So all that has led me here. I wanted a place where I can freely answer the common questions people ask me and a place where I could share my journey, experiences, gains, losses, successes, failures, inspiration and so much more. I wanted to continue to inspire others and to keep myself motivated at the same time because while I have accomplished pretty much what I originally set out to do, I still have personal goals for myself. I want to tone up the more stubborn areas and continue to strengthen and further challenge myself.

    21 Day FixWhat better time to do that than the same time I start a new program? Tomorrow I start the 21 Day Fix program and I can’t even describe how excited I am! My bad eating habits have started to resurface recently and on top of that I haven’t really been staying on top of working out 5 days a week so I’m excited to get back in gear and it sounds like this program is exactly what I need! Tonight I will be taking measurements and “BEFORE” photos (something I wish I had been in the habit of doing when I started 4 years ago) so that I can track and see my OWN progress and I will make sure to share every step of this new journey and share more about the program as I go!

    I’m still trying to finish getting the content up so please bear with me but until then, please feel free to leave a comment or email me if you want to ask me any specific questions or share your own goals and challenges you have set for yourself! I can’t wait to start this new journey! As I’ve always said: If I can do it, anyone can! So what are you waiting for?