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Since changing my lifestyle I have uncovered a huge passion for health and fitness and I love sharing my success with others! I decided it was time I set up a page to specifically do just that and to also document my healthy lifestyle and share my goals and my goal progress with others. It’s not always an easy task to live a healthy lifestyle and maybe revealing the good and not so good sides will give people hope, inspiration and motivation to achieve their own goals! If you ever have any questions about anything regarding health, fitness, my weight loss or anything please feel free to drop me a line! My absolute favorite thing about this entire process is being able to help and inspire others because of my journey!

My ‘Before’ Struggles

I have struggled with my weight for many years. When I was a kid and my parents were going through a nasty divorce I turned to food to make myself feel better. I remember days as a kid coming home from school and just binge snacking from the moment I walked through the door and the entire time I did my homework. I can remember feeling “chubby” as early as the 4th Grade and hating trying on clothes. What a tragic thing to already have self-esteem issues that young. After that, even when I wasn’t really “chubby” I still felt like I was and I had learned to justify it as just being “big-boned.” As years went by my habits only got worse. Less activity, started skipping breakfast and only had chips, candy and soda for lunch/snack all through High School. After High School I tried different workouts and diets but I never stuck with them and always gained the weight back and then some. I was surrounded by naturally skinny people that ate more or equal to what I ate and I was so frustrated. I didn’t want to accept that I was “big-boned.” I always felt like I was a skinny girl inside a “big-boned” body and yearned to be free because I was proud of the person I was inside but just didn’t like the packaging.

The Defining Moment

In life we encounter those moments that change the entire course of our future. Something happens that fuels us to achieve what we never thought possible. I had a few small defining moments.. things like the moment I had to buy a size 20 pair of pants but if I had to choose THE defining moment, it would be Christmas of 2009. My sister’s boyfriend (at the time) had received a digital camera as a gift and video-recorded my Dad opening one of his gifts which was a Digital Picture Frame from all of us. He was playing back the video to show me his reaction and as my Dad was watching the changing photos (that we had preloaded) he got to a photo of me from my Junior or Senior year in High School and he said: “Oh this is when she was skinny.” In that moment I felt like all the blood rushed out of my face. I was stunned, not because I didn’t have any idea that my weight had gotten out of control but because I certainly NEVER felt like the word “skinny” had EVER described me. That day, when I looked at that picture and saw how much thinner I was at a time when I STILL wasn’t thin, I knew I had to make a change. I didn’t set a New Year resolution in 2010 to make a change, because we all know most resolutions don’t make it to pass but after that moment and seeing people around me and Jennifer Hudson all have remarkable weight loss success, I was inspired. If they could do it, I could too and I wasn’t accepting otherwise.

It’s Not A Diet… It’s A Lifestyle

In the middle of April 2010 I made the decision to join Weight Watchers online. Weight Watchers was something I had heard about for years. I remember watching the Rosie O’Donnell show as a teenager and her always talking about it, but she certainly didn’t seem to be having much success with it and she also never made it sound like something she particularly enjoyed. Years later, here I was joining. Jennifer Hudson was just announced as the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers and another acquaintance of mine was also looking noticeably slimmer thanks to Weight Watchers so I decided I would go the same route. I immediately started having success and it didn’t take long for people to start noticing. After one year following Weight Watchers I had lost 54 pounds total.

Life AFTER Weight Watchers

A lot of people ask me if I’m still following Weight Watchers. The answer is No, I’m not still on Weight Watchers. I am so thankful I joined back in April 2010 because it changed the way I thought about food and the preconceived notion I had that in order to be “skinny” I had to give up all the best tasting foods. It taught me to pay more attention to what I was putting in my body, to choose foods with more fiber and less fat, it taught me to cut out unnecessary condiments (that I didn’t even LIKE much ANYWAY) and to pay close attention to portion sizes, and it taught me that adding activity = being able to eat MORE food. Best of all, it taught me I didn’t have to give up the food I loved but to, instead, eat LESS of it and to plan in advance when I knew I was going to eat out/eat something unhealthy.

So why am I not still following the plan? After I learned the basics, I decided that shelling out money every month until I (eventually) hit my goal weight was a waste. I instead signed up on MyFitnessPal and tracked all my food there for FREE. Then I ended up finding out about Beachbody programs thanks to an online friend of mine. She got me hooked on Chalene Johnson‘s workout programs ChaLean Extreme and TurboFire and then eventually Shakeology. Along the way I made a few other discoveries but you can read all about those and more on my Workouts page! All of which helped to propel my weight-loss even further which brings me to where I am today!

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